Choco Chips Cookies




Ingredients : Whole wheat flour ,Sugar ,Chocolate Chips ,Choco Paste ,Cocoa Solids ,Vegetable Fat Spread , Milk Solids, Raising Agent,

Choco Chips Cookies100 g 18.45 gFats 7.97 gprotein 70.13 gCarbohydrate 478.45 KcalEnergy/kcal 24.01 gSugar
Allergies It may contain traces of : Gluten Peanut Milk Protein Lactose(Sugar present in milk) Sesame Seed

Additional information

Weight 200 g
Important Instructions

Keep snacks in airtight container once opened.

Expeiry Instructions (Season Wise)
Monsoon : 15 Days From Date Of Manufacturing.
Winter : 30 Days From Date Of Manufacturing.
Summer : 20 Days From Date Of Manufacturing.

Maida / Samolina are prepared as per Jain procedure


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